Frequently Asked Questions

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Q. What constitutes “Payroll” for Workers’ Compensation?

A. Click here for Payroll/Remuneration Table


Q. What are 2015 Officer maximum and minimum wages for premium computation?

A. Maximum: $111,800

Minimum: $ 44,200


Q. OSHA Form 300: What must an employer do with this form?

A. OSHA Form 300 is a form for logging work-related injuries and illnesses. An entry must be made for every recordable injury or illness.

In addition, the Summary Form 300A must be completed and posted “in a visible location so that your employees are aware of the injuries and illnesses occurring in their workplace.” The posting must remain up from February 1 to April 30 of the year following the year covered by the form.

For the U.S. Dept of Labor brochure that provides detailed information and requirements about OSHA Form 300, please download this PDF: OSHA Record keeping Forms


Q. What constitutes “physical separation” for WC audit purposes, allowing a clerical worker in a manufacturing environment to be classified as Code 8810?

A. Physical Separation or Physically Separated. Physical separation between operational departments is achieved when operations are conducted in separate buildings at a location, or on separate floors of a building. If the departments are on the same floor, to achieve physical separation they must be separated by permanent walls not less than eight (8) feet in height, and constructed from standard building materials. Standard building materials include brick, block and concrete and, if framed with wood or light gauge steel, the walls should be covered with wallboard, plywood, masonite, sheet metal or other solid materials.

Stock shelves, chain link fencing, movable partitions, fixtures, office furniture or similar partition do not constitute physical separation.

An opening in the partition or wall to provide for ingress and egress of materials, equipment or personnel is permitted.

Operations subject to separate classifications that are conducted on separate shifts but in a common work space are considered physically separated, provided the operations are not conducted simultaneously.

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Q. When can Executive Officers elect to be excluded from the Workers Compensation Policy?

A. To be excluded from coverage:

  1. The employee must be an Executive Officer of the corporation
  2. The employee must own some stock in the corporation
  3. The company must be a “closed corporation” i.e. All of the company stock must be owned by the executive officers and directors, and no one else.